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Experienced family law attorneys –
for clarity and peace of mind.

With nearly three decades practicing family law in Minnesota, the legal team at Alithis Family Law prides itself on providing timely, experienced, and specific advice for even the most complex family law situations.

We recognize that the circumstances of every case are unique, presenting a different set of practical, factual, and legal challenges or opportunities. From the outset, we work hard to develop a personalized plan in partnership with you, taking into account your goals, concerns, and facts to find the most compelling outcome for all involved.

Our legal team has the knowledge to determine whether your case can be resolved via settlement, or whether litigation may be necessary. We’re adept at pinpointing when proceeding to court may be a better alternative than attempting to reach a settlement, helping you understand your options and potential outcomes before we make a move together.

At Alithis Family Law, you get the benefit of extensive trial and mediation experience in real-time, for greater clarity and comfort as your case moves forward. Our team has successfully resolved hundreds of cases via settlement, and Alithis has successfully represented clients in contested family law matters requiring litigation, including custody, parenting time, spousal maintenance, high-asset property division, and appellate practice. 

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Why Work With Alithis Family Law?
Experience. It's as simple as that.

Family law is a broad and complex space, dealing with divorce and property division, child custody and parenting time, spousal maintenance, and a variety of complexities that require specific and personalized advice in almost every situation.

Alithis Family Law has the depth and breadth of experience to tackle even the most complicated and fraught dynamics.

We work in collaboration with you to develop and follow through on a plan that will help you gain clarity and comfort around your situation. Our attorneys take great care in communicating with clients first-hand, keeping you informed throughout the process. We anticipate roadblocks before they arise. We actively research the laws and regulations that may help achieve a better outcome. And we provide our clients with realistic options and outcomes, helping you make informed decisions for your family and your future from the first time we meet.

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What is Family Law?
It's what we do every day.

Family law deals with domestic relations and family matters.

At Alithis Family Law, we help individuals and families navigate divorce, establishment and modification of child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, division of marital property, non-marital property rights, divorces involving business interests, same-sex relationships, and more.