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How to Divide Property During a Divorce: Asset and Debt Division in Minnesota

Highlights Property division during divorce generally involves three steps: information gathering, negotiations or mediation, and finalization. Information-gathering involves initially listing all of the assets and debts you are aware of,
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Why Might My Divorce Need a Balance Sheet: Understanding the Marital Balance Sheet

Highlights Minnesota law calls for a “just and equitable” division of combined property – called a marital estate – during a divorce. Although this is not the same as equal
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10 Mistakes to Avoid in a High Asset Divorce

A high asset or a high net worth divorce refers to an estate that involves significant assets, high income/s, and usually meaningful complexity. While there is no single accepted definition
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Assets Owned Before Marriage – Fair Game in Divorce? Examples of Non-Marital Property

“I bought my home a few years prior to marriage. We are divorcing in Minnesota after eight years, and only my name is on the title. Does that effect the
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Pitfalls of Determining Spousal Maintenance In a High Net Worth Divorce

While wealth brings financial freedom, it can create unusual complexities at the unexpected end of a marriage. When it comes to a high net worth divorce, spousal support payments can
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Understanding the Complexities of a High Net Worth Divorce

The divorce process can be intimidating and complex for families of all sizes and financial means. Dividing marital property and other assets during a divorce settlement can require a good
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Does Minnesota Have a Spousal Maintenance Calculator?

Highlights Unlike child support, which can be calculated based upon a set formula, there is no single formula or calculation available for determining the appropriateness of a spousal maintenance award
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Common Tax Issues in Minnesota Divorce Proceedings

In any divorce proceeding or a post-decree matter in Minnesota, the Court has the ability to address certain tax matters that can have financial implications on parents and families. Tax
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Is Minnesota a Community Property State?

Highlights Minnesota is not a community property state. Minnesota law provide for an equitable division of marital property rather than an equal division. The division may be equal, but it
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