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Custody Disputes Involving a Parent in the United Stated on a Visa

Custody matters may not always involve two parents who are U.S. Citizens. Often nationals from other countries will be admitted to the U.S. on a U.S. Visa (e.g., student visas
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Out of State Legal Help in a Minnesota Case

Three things that make out of state legal help easier than you think Recently, I spoke with a man who had a child custody case in Minnesota, but had long
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Child Custody Help: When Your Child is Taken Out of State

What happens when the other parent takes my child and moves to another state without my consent? We can give you the child custody help you need.In Minnesota, and in
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Child Custody and Keeping Your Children in Minnesota

Want to keep your children in Minnesota? Take this simple precaution to avoid costly relitigation of child custody. One of the biggest threats to the long-term stability of any stipulated
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Can the Court Allow a Parent with Sole Physical Custody Relocate Out Of The State of Minnesota With The Minor Child/ren?

Minnesota Statue § 518.175, subd. 3a states, "The parent with whom the child resides shall not move the residence of the child to another state except upon order of the
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Parenting Time for the Out-of-State Parent

When I am asked the question from a prospective client as to what I typically see for parenting time for an out-of-state parent, the first analysis I look at is
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I did not get married in the United States; is my marriage recognized in Minnesota?

There are many individuals who get married in a state other than Minnesota and then relocate to Minnesota. Similarly, many immigrants get married in their country of origin and at
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Muslim Divorce in Minnesota

In cases involving two spouses who are Muslims, sometimes, the parties will go to the religious minister (also sometimes known as Imam) and obtain a religious divorce.  When this occurs,
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Is My Hindu or Muslim Marriage Recognized in Minnesota?

Minnesota law specifically provides that Marriages may be solemnized among Hindus or Muslims by the person chosen by a local Hindu or Muslim association, according to the form and usage
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