Overview of the role of Parenting Time Expeditors

The divorce process is always difficult, especially when the best interests of the children are involved. A Parenting Time Expeditor (PTE) is a neutral who operates based upon the authority set forth in Minnesota statutes.

This process allows the parties to resolve parenting time disputes that may occur after a parenting time order is issued by the Court. A Parenting Time Expeditor can be court ordered by a judge or agreed to by both parties in the divorce.

The Parenting Time Expeditor can attempt to mediate the case and resolve disputes without the parties having to return to Court. If mediation with the PTE is successful, the dispute is resolved. However, if a dispute is not resolved, the Parenting Time Expeditor has the authority under Minnesota Statutes to make a binding decision that would interpret, enforce, or clarify the parenting time dispute(s). This process provides closure and a much quicker resolution than requesting relief from the Court.

The Parenting Time Expeditor process is confidential, which means that they cannot testify in Court as to what took place during the discussions. The Parenting Time Expeditor also cannot reveal his or her impressions or who said what during the process. Only the decision of the Parenting Time Expeditor can be made part of the Court file as it is a binding decision.

If either party disagrees with the decision made by the PTE, the decision may be appealed through the district court. The details of this process are usually written in the contract or Court Order appointing the Parenting Time Expeditor.

Selecting a Parenting Time Expeditor that is right for your case is very important. Not all Parenting Time Expeditors are the same and you must do your due diligence before selecting one that is right for you. It is always a good idea to consult with an attorney regarding the selection process.

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