If both parties agree, a Parenting Consultant is a neutral outside party who can make custody and parenting time decisions once the Divorce Decree is issued. The parties must sign a contract, which outlines what the Parenting Consultant can do, and how the cost will be divided.

A Parenting Consultant is a creature of contract, which means that a Court can only appoint a Parenting Consultant if both parties agree and a Court Order is signed which outlines the parties’ agreement. When appointed to a custody and/or parenting time matter, and upon making a custody or parenting time decision, the decision of the Consultant is binding on the parties, and is enforceable unless successfully appealed by one of the parties.

What authority does a Parenting Consultant have?

Parenting Consultants have the authority to address issues involving parenting time disputes. The role of a Parenting Consultant is to resolve parenting and access time disputes by enforcing, interpreting, clarifying and addressing circumstances not specifically addressed by the parenting time provisions of the dissolution decree or child custody order. Depending upon the parties’ agreement and the Court Order, the Parenting Consultant may also have the authority to change parenting time schedules.

A Parenting Consultant can also testify in Court. This makes them different than the Parenting Time Expeditor, who keeps what is said during the process confidential. Whether or not you should work with a Parenting Consultant is an important decision. You should always consult with an attorney in making this decision.

Parents involved in a divorce, a child custody or parenting access time dispute, should be made aware of the role of a Parenting Consultant. The attorneys at Alithis Family Law, LLC have experience and knowledge in working with Parenting Consultants, and are happy to answer any questions on this topic, or any other topics regarding Family Law. Please, reach out today for your free consultation—you can call our office at (952) 800-2025 or contact us by email at info@alithisfamilylaw.com.

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