Facing or considering a divorce and wondering how best to navigate child custody and child support? 

While 50/50 is often the go-to scenario for determining child custody in Minnesota, it’s not always that cut-and dry. 

Meanwhile, child support payments among newly divorced individuals tends to be straightforward in most situations, with child support in Minnesota largely determined by legislated and formulaic child support calculations.

The good news is: the court works hard to award custody based on the best interests of the children.

In contentious situations, however, working with an experienced legal team can help you secure the best outcome for your children, your family, and your future. Alithis Family Law can help. 

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Child Custody and Support: Guiding Families Through Transition

What makes Alithis Family Law uniquely qualified to help you through child custody matters? 

Experience both outside and inside of the courtroom. 

Family law has changed in the last decade, with an increasing number of divorce, custody and support disagreements being managed outside of the courts with the help of mediators. It’s a good thing for many families and children, saving time, hassle, and even some heartache. 

But not all divorces can be handled around a conference table, and a growing number of family law attorneys in Minnesota have never (and may never) actually represent clients through complex processes inside the courtroom. 

At Alithis, we have the experience to navigate the most challenging divorces. With nearly three decades working outside and inside of the courtroom, we can guide you through even the most uncomfortable divorce and child custody situations. From winning full custody to managing amicable relationships hand-in-hand, Alithis Family Law can give you confidence in the divorce process––and divorce outcomes. 

Child Custody Attorneys for Parenting Plans, Modifications, and Everything In Between 

Legal custody in Minnesota and physical custody in Minnesota aren’t quite the same. 

Legal custody refers to the many major and minor decisions to be made regarding your child, including their health, education, and religious upbringing.

Physical custody refers to their residence, primary care, and day-to-day control of the minor.

The state of Minnesota presumes that joint legal custody is in the best interests of your minor child––unless that presumption is refuted by you or the other party. If you feel that joint custody isn’t right for your family, you do have options, and how you navigate this legal complexity at the time of your divorce will determine years of your child’s upbringing. 

No matter how well you and your former spouse get along, don’t go it alone. Alithis Family Law can help you prepare an official Parenting Plan, create visitation rights, and even modify formal child custody arrangements from the past. We provide comprehensive legal advice on child custody that will help you feel at peace about your family’s future, with sound guidance from day one.

Learn your rights with the help of the child custody team at Alithis Family Law. Call today for a free consultation.

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