With more than 25 years serving the family law needs of Minneapolis and beyond, we’ve built a reputation for great communication, fair representation, and the ability to help clients navigate difficult divorce, custody, and financial situations with dignity. 

Here’s what some of our clients have had to say about working with the Alithis team:

(*To maintain client confidentiality, names have been redacted from testimonials.)


“Farhan’s reputation in court seemed to proceed him; the judge knew him from a previous case and actually took the time to say it was nice to see him again. The post ruling follow up was also great, I was contacted by both Heather and Farhan several months after. They were just checking in to see how everything was going. Fantastic experience.”


“Navigating divorce is a challenging process especially when there are various other complicating factors involved (child custody, OFP, financial assets). From my first contact with Farhan, I could tell his character was one of integrity, wisdom, and empathy. Exactly the qualities I was desperately searching for when my previous attorney’s law firm closed unexpectedly. Farhan is knowledgeable about the law, patient in listening, and an excellent teacher along the way. The team at Alithis supported me through a very difficult divorce that went to trial on multiple issues and their superb work product was demonstrated to overcome each obstacle. A cherished member of the team includes the senior paralegal, Heather, who showed her thoughtfulness about my case and consistent precision to detail. I am so grateful for the Alithis team. They are the real deal and every dollar is reflected in their work product.”


“Farhan and his paralegal Heather are obviously well respected by their peers as well as understanding to what a difficult time divorce and custody situations can be for their client.”


“Efficiency, Relevance, Empathy, Respect and Clarity. Because of the complexity of the case, during the course of my divorce, I interviewed and communicated with some 20 lawyers. I consequently feel confident to state that Farhan Hassan is one of the best lawyer in the Twin Cities Area. Farhan has an extraordinary ability to rapidly sort through a wealth of information, focus on what is relevant, identify implications, correct misunderstanding, and communicate with empathy, respect and clarity the options available.”


“Farhan is very professional and efficient attorney with extensive experience. I had a very difficult and complicated divorce and I had to fight in two different states. I don’t know if I would ever get through this without Farhan’s hard work, high level of competence, and confidence that only comes with experience! I strongly recommend this attorney!”


“Farhan Hassan helped me avoid financial ruin. If you want the best value for your money, you NEED to call him.”


“They are amazing. They were just so very calm, advocated for me in a way that helped me understand my own strength and ability to navigate the situation. It isn’t therapy; they are lawyers. But, to be able to forward them emails that had caused me quite a bit of distress and have their feedback and support made a huge difference.”


“From the very first time I spoke with Farhan on the initial consultation, I had a very good feeling that I was working with a very professional and competent firm…I was completely at ease as Farhan and his staff were there with me for every phase, ready and well-armed with information, data, and excellent arguments to bring my case to a conclusion.”


“Farhan has a very high level of integrity and I learned a lot from having him guide me…His no-nonsense approach extended to my husband and his lawyer the several times that they attempted to intimidate or manipulate the proceedings. Knowing that I had such a capable lawyer who took me seriously, put me at ease in stressful times…”


“I hired Farhan Hassan and his team to represent me in a divorce proceeding. His advice and recommendations from the first consultation were well thought out and considered all aspects of my specific situation. He clearly understood my goals and objectives throughout, and provided insights into the legal aspects of the process to be sure that the right strategy led to the best possible outcome. I valued his legal advice, his knowledge of all parties involved, and trusted his recommendations. The team that supported Farhan was professional, accurate, and worked with a high degree of integrity.”


“Mr. Hassan and his staff helped me resolve my divorce with great efficiency and professionalism.”


“Farhan has the unique ability to take a challenging and stressful situation and turn it into a positive outcome. Realistic expectations were given from the beginning and I was kept well informed throughout the process.”


“Farhan took the time to explain how the process works and how he could best represent my interests each step of the way. Because of Farhan’s effective representation and counsel, my divorce took a fraction of the time I thought it would.”


“There had been times when our discussions prolonged and I was not charged for every minute and micro second of the meeting… I found Farhan excellent in communication. He works very hard to clarify legal aspects and keep the client posted on developments.”


“Farhan’s guidance to our son through the divorce and custody process helped him determine the best course of action that ultimately enabled him to do what was necessary so that the court would rule favorably for him and his son.”


“I cannot thank Farhan and Courtney enough for their support, expertise and general awesomeness.”


“It was a pleasure working with Mr. Hassan and Miss Bryant. They were professional, courteous and responsive and, most importantly, helped me to meet my dissolution goals.”


“I was nervous at first while looking for a lawyer to help me with my divorce process. But after meeting with Farhan for an initial consultation, I knew he was the one to handle my case.”