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How Is Alimony Calculated in Minnesota?

Numerous states have set formulas for calculating alimony (aka spousal maintenance). However, unlike child support, Minnesota does not have a spousal maintenance formula.  Generally speaking, in Minnesota, alimony is calculated
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The “Basics” of Spousal Maintenance Arrears in Minnesota

Spousal maintenance can be awarded as part of a dissolution of marriage or legal separation proceeding and consists of periodic payments from the future income or earnings of one spouse
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Is A Lump Sum Payment Right For Your Minnesota Spousal Maintenance Case?

Spousal Maintenance is commonly thought of as a monthly payment to a former spouse paid over a certain period of time. However, the parties can agree that Spousal Maintenance will
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Tax Reform and Spousal Maintenance in Minnesota

Many people are aware of the tax reform recently signed by President Donald Trump. However, some may have missed the changes that tax reform includes for both obligors and recipients
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Standard of Living in Minnesota Spousal Maintenance Cases

In any divorce proceeding when one party asks for spousal maintenance, the essence of the claim is that the income is not sufficient to meet that spouses monthly living expenses.
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My Spouse is Now Making More Money; Can I Reduce My Spousal Maintenance Payments?

Unless the spousal maintenance obligation was subject to a Karon Waiver, the answer is most likely yes. However, the precise answer depends on the facts and circumstances of each case.
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Can a Judge Determine Reasonable Monthly Expenses in a Minnesota Spousal Maintenance Case?

The answer is yes. If the two parties to a divorce proceeding cannot agree on what is an appropriate spousal maintenance obligation, the Judge has the authority to decide the
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Will the Court Order My Spouse to Carry Life Insurance to Cover Spousal Maintenance?

The purpose of Spousal Maintenance is to provide support for a spouse whose income is insufficient to meet his or her monthly expenses.  This same concern often leads courts to
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Spousal Maintenance – Not a Profit Sharing Plan

There are a lot of misconceptions about spousal maintenance, but one that I hear most frequently is that your ex-spouse will get half of everything you earn from now on. 
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