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Custody and Parenting Time during COVID-19

Many parents are feeling a variety of emotions right now including fear, anxiety, stress, and an overwhelming sense of chaos at home. Some parents have quickly become home school teachers,
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What Factors Do Court’s Consider when Parents Disagree About School Choice in Minnesota?

Choosing a school for your child is an often disputed co-parenting issue family law attorneys encounter.  This post identifies many of the relevant factors when this dispute happens. In a
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Parenting Consultant: What Term Length Is Best For Your Minnesota Case?

The most notable characteristic of a parenting consultant is that the relationship is created by a contract between the parties. This contract typically selects a professional, outlines his/her authority, and
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Technology and Co-Parenting: Establishing Boundaries for Children and Screens

An increasing number of parents are concerned about the amount of “screen time” their children are getting. The term “screen time” applies to television, computers, tablets, phones, and any other
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What is a “Right of First Refusal”?

When parents are discussing parenting time schedules, one thing that often comes up is “you won’t even be taking care of the children for your entire parenting time”. Sometimes, even
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How to Choose the Right Reunification Therapist for Your Family

Reunification therapy can be necessary for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, a parent has not seen his/her child in a while. Other times, something has happened in the parent/child relationship
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Three Tips for Making a Holiday Parenting Time Schedule

Many divorced/separated parents want to make sure that they are both given the opportunity to spend holidays with their children. This is called a Holiday Parenting Time Schedule and it
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Can I Move Out of State with my Children?

Some parents have the mistaken belief that, if they have sole physical custody of their children, they can move out of state without permission from the other parent. However, whether
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How Do I Establish Paternity in Minnesota?

“Paternity” is the term used to refer to the legal father of a child. Under Minnesota law, once paternity is established, the legal father has the right to ask the
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