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Same-Sex Couples: Is a Second Parent Adoption Still Necessary in Minnesota?

    The short answer is no, same-sex couples who are legally married (and were married when the child was born) do not need to get a second parent adoption
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Giving Custody Rights Of A Minor Child To A Family Member Or Third Party

What if a parent wants to give custody of his or her child to a family member or friend, but does not necessarily like the idea of having the family
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Can I Get Custody Of Someone Else’s Child In Minnesota?

A person who has been a child’s primary caretaker for any length of time, without consistent participation by the child’s parent, can pursue custody of that child. However there are
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Can My Spouse Adopt My Child, Even Though The Other Parent Refuses To Consent?

Normally a step-parent can adopt the minor child(ren) of a spouse, as default matter (meaning, nothing is disputed or contested) provided the other parent (the ‘non-custodial parent’) consents in writing
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Minnesota Stepparent Adoption

In Minnesota, the process of adopting the child of one’s spouse can be straightforward, even though there are many different steps, and parties, involved in this process.  Procedurally, the adoption
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Can someone pursue custody rights to someone else’s child under Minnesota Law?

Under Minnesota law, someone who is not a parent to a minor child, may pursue rights to custody of that child, provided that one can establish that the child is
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