During an initial consultation with a Minnesota divorce attorney, he or she will explain the process for getting a divorce and what issues might come up in your case. In meeting with a divorce attorney, people should get a sense if they can work well with the attorney. Prospective clients should also be comfortable in asking the divorce attorney about his or her legal qualifications and experience in divorce cases. Here are three good questions that will likely produce thorough and informative responses.

What percentage of your cases are Family Law and Divorce cases?

While some attorneys work in all legal fields, many law firms practice in specific areas of the law, such as personal injury, criminal defense, or business. Family law is no different. In fact, many law firms works exclusively or mainly in the area of family law. This question will help reveal how much time the attorney devotes to family law and divorce cases, which may shed light on the attorney’s overall qualification.

What is your usual or preferred strategy or “philosophy” for handling a divorce case?

While each case is different, each divorce attorneys goes about things differently when working on a divorce. Some attorneys recommend mediation or collaborative law. Others may recommend simply filing the case with the court. Others may encourage contact between the spouses, whereas others may recommend communication only between attorneys. Asking this question will help illustrate how your case might be handled by your divorce attorney.

Do you have time for my divorce case, or a heavy caseload at this time?

It is not unusual for divorce attorneys to have several family law cases they are working on at a given time. That said, it is important to find out if your case will be a priority. This question will help determine how long your divorce process will take, if other people (paralegals, legal assistants, associates) will be working on your case, and how often you should expect to communicate with your divorce attorney.

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