Filing the paperwork with the Court is a strategic decision. One of the advantages of filing Divorce paperwork with the Court is that the Court gets involved in the proceeding and will monitor the Case and, in certain situations, will issue a Scheduling Order which will Order both parties to complete certain things (exchange financial information, schedule Motions, etc) during a certain time frame. This helps the case to move along, especially if one of the parties is intentionally stalling.

On the other hand, if the parties are attempting to resolve the issues on their own or through the assistance of their lawyers or through an Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism, it may be more productive to settle the proceeding and then file the appropriate paperwork with the Court to finalize the Divorce Decree. Both parties have to pay a filing fee (typically in the range of $330, depending upon the County) to file their case. Once the file is open, it is typically assigned a Judge and a Court file number.

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