Once the Divorce Decree is signed and both parties have obtained a copy of the Divorce Decree, there may be certain follow-up work that needs to be done.  This may entail transferring titles of any property (where one ex-spouse will execute a Quit Claim Deed for real estate), changing names on utilities, debt, etc.  The health insurance provider(s), all financial account providers (if joint accounts are involved), and plan administrators for other benefits (e.g. 401(k) plans, pensions, etc) must also be advised of the Divorce.

Most importantly, if a retirement asset is awarded to one party, it may be necessary to draft a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO).  This Order divides the retirement assets and is a necessary formality in addition to obtaining the Divorce Decree.

If child support or spousal maintenance (alimony) has been Ordered, it is also a good idea to forward the Order to the applicable Child Support Office for collection with the necessary application fee, so that the support obligation can be automatically withheld from the Obligor.

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