In Minnesota, child support is calculated using the Minnesota Child Support Guidelines Calculator, which can be easily accessed online here. Two of the factors that are considered by the calculator are: the monthly income received by each parent and the potential income for each parent (if any).

The monthly income received is defined as any form of periodic payment to an individual. Importantly, this is gross salary and gross wage amounts before any deductions and any benefit plans. It is relatively straightforward to reach this number using your three most recent paystubs.

A common question that individuals calculating child support have is: what is potential income? Potential income is included in the calculator when a parent is voluntarily unemployed, underemployed, employed on a less than full-time basis, or if there is limited evidence of any income. Essentially, this means that, if the Court finds that you should be earning more income, income will be imputed to you and included in the “potential income” column.

Importantly, if there is a significant change in either parent’s income, a Motion to Modify Child Support can be brought requesting that the Court increase or decrease the current monthly child support obligation.

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