January is here and for most people this means new resolutions for the upcoming year. Many see this as a month for a fresh start, or to make the changes you have been procrastinating: go to the gym, drink more water, get organized and, for some, get divorced.

Some may have heard that January is considered “divorce month”, but is there any truth to this label? Does that mean you should get divorced in January?

There generally is a spike in divorces in January and into February. Although there is no scientific cause for this spike, some psychological factors may influence the numbers.

Not many couples want to start their divorce during the holiday season. Although they may have made the internal decision to end their relationship in November or December, many couples choose to delay starting the divorce process until January or February. This may be especially important to couples with children. This, together with the widely accepted the idea that a new year is a time for change and a “fresh start” may also influence the decision to end the relationship.

Even though divorces do spike in January and February, this does not necessarily mean that January/February is the right time for you to begin your divorce. There is no clear benefit to beginning your divorce at this time and, if you are not emotionally or financially ready, the psychological impact of the start of a new year is likely not the best reason.

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