Minnesota Statute 518.157 created the requirement that all proceedings where custody or parenting time is contested “parents of a minor child shall attend a minimum of eight hours in an orientation and education program…”

The approved programs differ from County to County due to access issues. However, the programs can either be taken online or in-person, assuming the County where your case is being heard approves of either. One example of such a program is Parents Forever.

Each parent has thirty (30) days to complete the program from the date of the first filing. This program does not have to be taken with the other parent. Rather, each parent is obligated to take the program on his or her own time. If a parent fails to take the program, the Court can impose sanctions on the parent.

Many parents report that the program is helpful in understanding the impact of restructuring families and the impact of Court proceedings on the children. If you want to know what programs are approved in your County, talk with an attorney or contact Court Administration in the County where your case is taking place.

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