“Parenting time” is a term which reflects the amount of time and a schedule that the non-custodial parent (parent that does not have physical custody) spends with the minor child.  Parenting Time used to be referred as “visitation.”  It is always a good idea to have a very specific schedule of parenting time reflected in the Divorce Decree so that there is no confusion or subsequent dispute about parenting time.  The parenting time that is ultimately awarded depends upon the specific facts of each particular case.  For example, in cases involving a parent who uses illegal drugs or has serious mental health issues (that are not being appropriately addressed), the Court has the authority to suspend parenting time, require supervised time (typically conducted at a safety center), or award parenting time subject to meeting certain conditions (e.g. attendance at AA, intensive therapy, etc).  The parties can also agree to the issues of custody and parenting time.

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