The short answer is that no, the signing of your divorce decree does not mean that your divorce is finalized. There are still a few remaining steps that must be completed in order to actually dissolve the marriage and finalize your divorce.

When a couple is able to reach an agreement outside of Court, they both will sign what is called a Stipulated Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, Order for Judgment and Judgment and Decree. This document is also referred to as a “Divorce Decree.” However, signing the Divorce Decree is not the last step to finalize a divorce in Minnesota.

After both parties have signed the Divorce Decree, it must be filed with the Court. If there are minor children involved and one party is not represented by an attorney, there will be a brief Court hearing. This hearing is to ensure that both parties fully understand what they have agreed to. Generally, no hearing is required when both parties sign a Stipulation and the marriage includes minor children but each party is represented by an attorney or if the marriage does not include minor children.

Either way (with or without a hearing), the Court needs to sign off on the Divorce Decree before the divorce is finalized. Once the Court has signed off on the Decree, a Notice will be issued by the Court notifying you that the Divorce Decree has been filed and entered.

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