There are many advantages to using the services of an attorney; one of the great disadvantages of not having an attorney is having to litigate without a full understanding of what is required under the procedural Rules of the Court.  I often see unrepresented parties be surprised that they are expected to follow the detailed Rules of the Court just as precisely as an attorney is, even though they may not have any legal training or background.  Minnesota General Rule of Practice 1.04 states:

Whenever the Rules require that an act be done by a lawyer, the same duty is required of a self-represented litigant. 

Minn. R. Gen. P. 1.04.

In some types of cases, intricate knowledge of the Rules is not necessary to find success in front of a judge.  However, there are many other types of cases where a detailed knowledge of the Rules is required to avoid immediately losing the case. 

Only an experienced family law attorney can tell you whether the issue in your case is the sort that is possible to deal with without representation, or is the sort that absolutely requires an attorney’s assistance.

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