One of the most frequently asked questions of clients seeking a divorce is how long the process will take. The answer: it depends.

Some divorces can and do take many months, or even a year, to complete. But these divorces are the exception. In fact, many divorces can be completed within a period of a few weeks, especially if the divorcing spouses amicably reach agreements. Thus, the length of a divorce largely depends if the spouses are able to reach an agreement on the relevant issues, such as child custody, parenting time, spousal maintenance, and division of property.

The length of a divorce also largely depends on how the case is resolved. For example, if the parties agree to a divorce and the relevant issues, their divorce lawyers can simply file a stipulated agreement with the court and await a judge’s signature. This may take only a few days or weeks to receive.

If the divorcing spouses, however, have conflicts regarding many important issues, the case might proceed to a trial. The entire process of a trial can usually take several months to complete, especially if the court schedule is filled with other cases. Moreover, many states now require that divorcing spouses seek out alternative dispute resolution methods before going to trial. These mandatory processes, if unsuccessful, add to the overall time frame.

Each divorce is unique. The parties to a divorce can move the process forward by agreeing to certain outstanding issues. If not, the case might move towards a trial, which lengthens the process considerably. Trials also lead to greater financial cost and emotional strain.

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