Child Support has four components.

  1. Basic support for the child;
  2. Health/Dental insurance premium for the child;
  3. Un-reimbursed health and dental insurance costs for the child (co-pays, deductibles, uninsured costs, etc.); and
  4. Education or Work related child care costs.

Effective January 1, 2007, both parties’ gross incomes are used to calculate child support and each party’s respective financial contribution towards the health and dental insurance coverage, un-reimbursed medical costs and child care.  The Child support calculation is influenced by the amount of parenting time spent with the minor child.  This parenting time is divided into three (3) categories.

  1. Less than 10%;
  2. Between 10% and 45%; and
  3. 45.1% and 50%.

The Minnesota Department of Human Services has a child support calculator that can be used to calculate support. Child support is typically subject to a cost of living adjustment after every two (2) years, unless it is waived. Child support, unlike property and debt division, is not final and can be changed at a later time.  The party requesting a modification of child support needs to prove a substantial change of circumstances to change the support award. Read custody and best interests statute: link

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